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The Flight: The Most Random, Tastiest Bits from the Soccer and Beer World

Welcome to a new feature on the Free Beer Movement site blog, "The Flight". In "beer-speak" a flight is a serving of several choice brews to whet one's appetite and that's what we hope our flight does for you.

As with any good beer tasting it's important to serve up some variety and try all sorts of good stuff. That's why we're debuting "The Flight," compiling the soccer's (and sometimes beer's) most random and tasty bits.

We'll serve up video clips, news items, opinion, or complete random-ness. It might come in piles or just in a single serving. Hopefully most of it peaks your interest.

If there's anything floating around the Inter-net-blogo-sphere that you've seen and think should be featured on the site just leave us a comment in any of the "Flight" posts or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]



Two great articles about "what's next?" for soccer in America. Both a great "call to arms" for American soccer fans to take action to promote the game in the U.S.

You know, kind of, like what we do here all the time.

* Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated gives the new soccer fan some ideas of what to do now they're hooked on the sport. Some great ideas for already soccer fans as well (book suggestions, too) to help the newbies their now bringing to games across the nation.

* Jack Rozier at Yanks Abroad says it's time to get off the couch and help America become a soccer nation.

Rozier writes:

Whoever the "man in-charge" is will undoubtedly shape the immediate prospects of American soccer development and success in World Cup 2014, 2018, and 2022. However, the FUTURE of American soccer lies elsewhere…
In our willingness to patiently and enthusiastically explain the rules and technicalities of the game to the casual fan who will add his voice and his wallet to the American cause (whether it be professional or national team)…
In our willingness to leave our TIVO dormant at least one night a week and take a ball to the park, court, or field to juggle and invite the curiosity and imagination of children to come alive in the game…
In our willingness to accept the challenge of coaching and coaching education in order to raise the overall level of play in the American game, despite the fact that there are few overt immediate rewards…
More so than anything, the future of American soccer lies in our willingness to take ownership of this game and this country and develop our own models and mentalities. We have worn the badge of the "melting pot" for nearly a century, but neglected the difficult work of trial and error to arrive at the steady position atop the fence where the grass is greenest on both sides.
Good words and good ideas for moving forward as an American soccer nation.


*The world's strongest beer is now available from the crazy brewers at BrewDog in Scotland. It's 55 percent alcohol and comes in bottle inside a dead animal! Called "The End of History". Not sure who we have to write to get a free sample of this stuff, but at a cost of $750 a bottle I don't think we'll even waste the time to write an e-mail.


BrewDog, of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, is the firm behind the new ale that's apparently stronger than whisky and vodka at 55 per cent volume.
Indeed, the brewer recommends that the tasty beverage is served in a shot glass 'to be enjoyed like a fine whisky'.
Twelve bottles of The End Of History have already slid off the production line and been placed inside seven dead stoats, four squirrels and one hare.
These wee beasties will set you back £500 (NB no animals were harmed in the making of this product)
The animals weren't killed specifically for the purposes of housing the bottles, but died of natural causes.
The critters also sport a range of eye-catching outfits including a kilt and a top hat.
BrewDog co-founder James Watt describes The End Of History as 'a perfect conceptual marriage between taxidermy, art and craft brewing'.
'This is the beer to end all beers. It's an audacious blend of eccentricity, artistry and rebellion; changing the general perception of beer, one stuffed animal at a time,' he continues.
'The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing - they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them.'
Infused with nettles and juniper berries, the blond Belgian ale is created by freezing the liquid to separate water from the solution, fact fans will be delighted to know.

*Love beer and bicycling? Here's the bike for you from Hopworks Urban Brewery and Metrofiets in Portland, Oregon. It's a bike! It's a tap bar! It's SUPER AWESOME!

Warning, though, you can still get pulled over for drunk driving while riding a bike so don't get any ideas!

Photo Credit: “Corky” Miller (bike)

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