Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Advice for Soccer Newbies

Welcome to the Club!
The Shin Guardian ran an excellent article today giving their tips to the newly converted soccer fan. A great read for sure.  The third part of their advice comes straight from the Free Beer Movement's vault; make it a vacation. Mrs. FBM and I are all about making each soccer trip we go on a little something more. The game's just a night so tack on some culture or recreation activities and really have some fun.

We'd thought we'd go one step further and have our readers give their advice to soccer newbies as well.

Question: As an entrenched soccer fan in American what advice would you give as to the next steps for a soccer newbie that's just come on after the World Cup?

Let's some them so Free Beer Movement hospitality. Leave all your good tips in the comments section!

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James said...

Don't expect your average MLS game to be played at the same skill level or have the same intensity as a WC Finals match

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"Anyone who tells me soccer is boring, I'm going to punch them in the face."
- Former Dallas Burn (aka FC Dallas) coach Dave Dir

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