Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Feature - The Flight: This Week's Most Random, Tasty Bits

Welcome to a new feature on the Free Beer Movement site blog, "The Flight". In "beer-speak" a flight is a serving of several choice brews to whet one's appetite and that's what we hope our flight does for you.

As with any good beer tasting it's important to serve up some variety and try all sorts of good stuff. That's why we're debuting "The Flight," compiling the soccer's (and sometimes beer's) most random and tasty bits.

We'll serve up video clips, news items, opinion, or complete random-ness. It might come in piles or just in a single serving. Hopefully most of it peaks your interest.

If there's anything floating around the Inter-net-blogo-sphere that you've seen and think should be featured on the site just leave us a comment in any of the "Flight" posts or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


Today's Most Random and Tasty Bits

"Football At Fenway"

While Manchester United face the Philadelphia Union tonight (6:30pm CT on ESPN2) there will be several other international matches occurring tonight as well. Including Celtic FC and Sporting Lisbon in Boston at historic Fenway Park.

The "Football at Fenway" encounter is really intriguing as it's the first time the ballpark has hosted a soccer game in 45 years and that the Glasglow club appeared at the Red Sox stadium back in 1931.

You know that soccer is becoming something in America when one of the most famous baseball stadiums in the country has to make room for the sport.

Video of yesterday's practice and presser (thanks to "A Football Report"):

The soccer pitch was laid out over the baseball diamond, with the goals along the third-base line and in front of the baseball bullpens in right field; sod had been placed over the infield dirt and where the pitcher’s mound would be.

Celtic FC (SCO) v Sporting Clube de Portugal (POR) from Fenway Park will be broadcast live on Fox Soccer Channel at 8pm EST.

Finally a Real MLS Ambassador?

Thierry Henry is set to make his Red Bull New York debut tomorrow night against old London rival Tottenham.  So far everything suggests that TH14's time in New York is set to be one of the best for any of the Designated Players that Major League Soccer has signed yet.

David Beckham came to MLS with a bang, but so far has more like a whimper in the league between injury woes and desires to play aboard rather than here in the U.S. Henry retired from international soccer (for good reason probably) and has made all the right statements about his commitment to soccer in the United States.

He's just an all-around more flashy player than Golden Balls as well. Here's hope the former Arsenal and Barcelona striker can find his form stateside.

Photo Credit: Flickr, PinkFish13, Fenway images from Daylife

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