Friday, September 4, 2009

The Case for Frankie Hejduk, Free Beer Movement Spokesperson

Frankie likes soccer. We like soccer. Frankie likes beer. We like beer. Frankie has flowing locks. We hair, too.

Frankie Hejduk is one of the most celebrated National Team players in recent times. He's not poster boy Landon Donovan with dozens of goals to his name and he's not up and coming like man-child Jozy Altidore. Hejduk just shows up every day, clocks in, and does what he does.

FIFA recently wrote an article on Frankie calling him a "working class hero" and we at FBM (who aren't particularly good at writing) probably couldn't think of better words to describe the 84-times capped Nat player.

Since 1996 Frankie has been a figure in the U.S. National Team and despite numerous injures, several failed sojourns throughout Europe, he remains, at 34, a major contributor to the American cause. As recently as the 2-2 tie away in El Salvador Hejduk's 20 minutes in the match was full of inspired play as he literally dragged the U.S. from the brink of disaster.

The intrepid defender launched a cross which Altidore headed home to close the gap to 1-2 and then late in the game Hejduk nearly ran over Altidore in a goal-mouth scramble to secure his seventh Nats goal, tie the game, and save the U.S. blushes.

Hejduk's steadfast commitment to the national cause (he took a slap in the face from a Mexican assistant coach in February!) and his domestic leadership as captain of the defending MLS Cup champions Columbus Crew ("The Football Pub" would have wanted me to say that.) has solidified the Free Beer Movement's opinion that Frankie is destined for even more greatness (even the British press think he's great!).

His true greatness lies in another mission, one more exciting than ever before, and that is to assume a new cause; that of the Free Beer Movement.

Frankie is the model soccer and beer lover. Drafted in the inaugural MLS Draft back in 1996 and having played in almost 100 National Team matches makes Frankie the ultimate American soccer warrior. Additionally, as mentioned in a previous post, his commitment to beer is second to none.

Frankie Hejduk is not only the model member of the Free Beer Movement, but he is the perfect spokesperson for the FBM. No one, other than, Mr. Hejduk is in a better position to preach of the greatness of American soccer.

That's why today, on the eve of the U.S. National Team's World Cup qualifying match against El Salvador, we're launching the "Recruit Frankie" drive on the Free Beer Movement. In essence we want Frankie to be the public face of the Free Beer Movement.

If you like to join us in asking Frankie to speak for the FBM take this icon and put in on your blog, your Facebook page, where ever.

Right now we're not exactly sure how to go about contacting Frankie directly (if anyone knows anything please send an e-mail), but here are a few indirect ways:

1)Send a request to Frankie Hejduk through his agent, NOPAC Talent.

2) Write to Frankie Hejduk at the Columbus Crew:

Administration Offices
Attn: Frankie Hejduk
Columbus Crew Stadium
One Black & Gold Blvd.
Columbus,OH 43211

3) Any other suggestions? Please e-mail us at: [email protected]

No matter what... let's "Recruit Frankie"!


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