How can we make the United States fall in love with soccer? Buy your friends a beer and watch as a lifelong love affair with the beautiful game begins. Learn more.


The Free Beer Movement has loads of regular and special features documenting American soccer culture including:

NEWS: All the latest news and views from American soccer. VIDEO: Because sometimes the really cool stuff moves.



Who's helping “build American soccer”? We honor those doing the FBM's work with a beer! “Making the Case” – Editorials by FBM



Highlights and reactions from National Team (men's and women's) and Major League Soccer games. The Best of Both Worlds: When Beer and Soccer Collide






Building American soccer takes a lot more than free beer. This column focuses on the ups and downs of selling the sport in the United States.

Features on beer, spirits, and more.



Because soccer is more than a sport; it's a lifestyle. Beer and soccer books you should read. 



We interview various personalities in American soccer with a six-pack of questions. More interviews… more questions!



“FBM In Action”: How do we know free beer works? The body of evidence grows all the time. Check out our archive of FBM success stories. “Free Beer Match Days”: Photos from our travels throughout American soccer.



Starting another grueling work week got you down? Not ready for another five days of TPS reports and bosses putting you on worthless projects?

Yeaaaaaah… ummmmm….. I'm gonna need you to check out “A Case of the Mondays” and everything is going to be alright.

Everything you need to get your day started right. 



“The Big Pitcher” – Sometimes we American soccer fans get wrapped up in the day-to-day, Monday morning quarterbacking (or centerbacking), knee-jerk reactions and miss out on the big picture. This weekly column will focus on picking out the larger themes and issues of Major League Soccer and the American game. American history is long and storied. It's time to tale its tales.



Special Series

“Better Know A Supporters Group”: We profile the supporters of American soccer so you can know more than you ever wanted to! “Why American Soccer?” (A Part of the Brews and Views Essay Series): Fans, writers, and personalities from across the American soccer world lend their voice to answer this very importance question.



Local Beer, Local Soccer. Contributors from around the world paint a picture of their communities' beer and soccer scenes. Through the Drinking Glass: Profiles of breweries, bars, and brewpubs across America from FBM's perspective.