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FBM DrinkWear – Art and Beer: Round Two by Kyle Martino

The don't call it “the Beautiful Game” for nothing. Soccer is art. A great Lionel Messi goal or a stunnig David Beckham free kick is a thing of beauty.

These small moments in soccer can create life-long fans of the sport (with the help of a beer or two, perhaps?) and the memories of such sporting excellence can hang in our memories like fine art in a gallery.

This is the premise behind the new “Futbol Artist Network” that launched this past weekend. Their idea is to highlight and express soccer through artistic expression.

The Free Beer Movement, through our “DrinkWear” series will be highlighting some of the cool combos of art and soccer that the FAN is coming out with…. and adding beer, of course. For each “piece” we'll pair a beer with the new FAN release… just don't spill on it.


The new, limited-edition release from the Futbol Artist Network features another player expressing his soccer love. Following up on the successful launch of FAN with FC Dallas (and recent USMNT call up) forward Brek Shea, comes another  with domestic and international on-field experience. Current NBC Sports Network commentator, and former national team, Columbus Crew, and Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder has collaborated with a well-know London street artist named “Don” to create a piece of soccer-inspired art called…. well…. “Create”.

The actual piece was painted on an electrical box on Whitecross Street in East London to feature during the recent London Olympics in which Martino called men's soccer games (and worked the desk for the women's games) for the NBC network.

The concept is a street artist has stenciled a goalie onto a wall, painted a goal and has now stepped back to score on the goalie he just created.

Martino on what inspired the piece:

“My love with soccer was nourished outside the lines. I could turn anything into a soccer field and found great joy in striking up a game whenever and wherever I could. The game within the game was what I truly loved though. One on one battles. The one thing I loved most about the game, which is the one thing I miss on a daily basis was taking players on. Outwitting and outmaneuvering them with creations I developed by watching the greats and making their moves my own.

With that said, I love graffiti street art and am fascinated with artist like Banksy. There is irreverence in their art that I felt I had in my game. I think it would be cool to try and bring a street art type design of a player taking someone on that jumps off the wall.

The word “CREATE” on the back of the shirt like would be a cool way to tie in the importance of the word as it pertained to my playing style and my fascination with street art. I had a coach tell me when I was younger “Think, act, be creative” and it stuck with me through my career.  Would be a great double meaning.”

To pair with Martino's work we've chose Fuller's “London Pride”. Given the location of Don's work in London, this award-winning (called “world class” by Beer Advocate“) beer pairing was a no brainer.

Smooth like Martino on the field choosing this English Pale Ale also pays tribute to the English's impact on the global game.


You can get Don and Martino's collaboration for just a limited time at


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