Friday, October 28, 2011

EVENT – American Outlaws Bastrop Ball Drop

Photo Credit: Denna Roy
In September, fueled by months of drought and high winds, wildfires swept across Central Texas destroying thousands of acres of forest, parks, farmland, and homes. Thousands were evacuated and many lost their homes. Many, nationwide, opened their hearts and wallets, to aid the victims of some of the nation’s, and most definitely, Texas’ most deviating wildfires in 2011.

Thousands of dollars and hours of time spent is being donated to help fund the clean up and rehabilitation of an area south-east of Texas’ capital city Austin. Two weeks ago a music concert was held to help support these efforts, drawing over 16,000 people and raising over a half millions dollars. In the “live music capital of the world” this was just what they do; use music to support others.

Austin soccer community was no different as the United States soccer supporters group, the American Outlaws, launched an effort to push its local and national members to donate soccer balls to help those who lost the most return to a sense of normalcy. While a soccer ball and a chance to play again might not seem like much to the casual observer, soccer fans know the power of their sport to help heal and donated soccer balls by the hundreds.

This Sunday, October 30th, national leaders from the American Outlaws will join Austin-area soccer and community leaders in a “ball drop” for youth players. The event will take place at Bob Bryant Park in Bastrop (600 Charles Blvd.) where the balls will be handed out to local soccer players and a kick-around will occur.

The event is fueled by a unique partnership between the Outlaws and philanthropic company, Little Feet. Little Feet operates much like the shoe company, TOMS, where individuals can purchase a soccer ball and one will be donated to a cause of the person’s choice.

The Outlaws and Little Feet have even collaborated to produce an supporters-specific soccer ball for the organization’s members. Beyond Bastrop AO chapters across the country have taken up the cause purchasing soccer balls for local community projects as well.

Since this is in the FBM’s backyard, we’ll be on hand to cover the event and will post photos, video, and interviews.


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