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DrinkWear – The Futbol Artists Network

The don't call it “the Beautiful Game” for nothing. Soccer is art. A great Lionel Messi goal or a stunnig David Beckham free kick is a thing of beauty.

These small moments in soccer can create life-long fans of the sport (with the help of a beer or two, perhaps?) and the memories of such sporting excellence can hang in our memories like fine art in a gallery.

This is the premise behind the new “Futbol Artist Network” that launched this past weekend. Their idea is to highlight and express soccer through artistic expression.

Trevor Slavick is the founder and curator of FAN. His idea is to create a place for artist to demonstrate their love for the football through limited edition prints and apparel. Additionally, current and former players with artistic tendencies will also contribute to the Network, lending some awesome star-power to the idea.

“Each artist has created a football inspired design which will be printed onto various pieces of apparel and sold one at a time on our website for 10 days only.  If you like the design, you must buy it within those 10 days or it’s gone forever,” said Slavick.

“With these limited edition prints we’re positioned to gain a stronghold in the fine arts world and fill a gap lacking in well-known, quality, football art,” he continued.

In most cases, artists from the Network have collaborated with current and former players to create their artwork.  The first artist being featured is a little more unique as he happens to be a world-class player as well.   FC Dallas and USA National Team player Brek Shea, has painted his own design titled “No Shelter.”   The Futbol Artist Network will be selling this design on apparel, but also will be selling 100 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints of Brek’s painting. 

“Even in no gravity situations, there will still be pressure,” says Brek Shea when describing his artwork.   “I think the Futbol Artist Network is a great program for people like me. I can fuse my two passions together with my job on the field and my hobby of painting. Soccer is very pressure filled and serious while painting is my relaxing hobby and artistic outlet.”

The Futbol Artist Network has several other players on board excited to be working with their artists from around the world.

Retired USA Men’s National Team Player and Former Ajax midfielder John O’Brien is a part of the Futbol Artist Network and has collaborated with a US based artist on a design coming out in September.

“Football is many things and at times it is definitely not Art,” says O’Brien.  “It can be mundane, plain, insane and entertainment without style.  But the times we long for in football are the times when creativity and know how mix and form a special shared experience, much like art.  I think it is only natural that the Futbol Artist Network wants to tap into this synergy.   In my eyes this creative project can add to the world's game and most importantly, our experiences of it.”

The artists seem to enjoy the creative project as well and working with players adds a new element to their creativity.  Don, a well-known street artist in London, has collaborated with Kyle Martino, an ex USA National Team Player and current soccer commentator for NBC Sports during the London Olympics.   Don has created a half stenciled, half painted piece inspired by Martino’s vision, that will be painted on canvas as well as commissioned onto a wall in London during the games. 

“This project's been a lot of fun,” said Don.  “There's a long history of sport being represented in art. Every boy in the UK grew up playing football in the playground and taking the sport onto the street was commonplace. Kyle understands the connection between sport and art and sport and the streets, which makes it a natural extension to associate sport, the street and art!”

With about a week to go before Shea's work is “relegated”, and a new artist is featured, there's precious little time to get your hands on this professional athlete's unique work.

The Free Beer Movement is proud to be a supporter of this cool new project and the Futbol Artist Network asked us to pair up a beer for their debut piece by artist Brek Shea.

We present, “Wild Hare” Pale Ale by Spotzel Brewing Company's Shiner.

Texas born-and-bred like Shea this hoppy pale ale our beer is a homophonic tribute to both Shea's rabbit-like speed and un-kept mane.

For each of FAN's artistic releases we'll be coming back with another art and beer pairing.

In the meantime, follow Futbol Artist Network on Twitter and at 500 “follows” they'll be giving away one of Shea's works.

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