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DrinkWear – Bumpy Pitch “Tavern Tee”



Why spend you hard-earned money on green beer this St. Patrick's Day when you can have something waaay more epic and long-lasting. Bumpy Pitch, the California-based soccer lifestyle brand, has dropped another limited edition shirt for the upcoming “drinking holiday”. But it's much more than that.


“One of the greatest things about the experience of owning a business is the experiences that you get to have along the way. Luckily for us, the Bumpy Pitch and The Original Winger is a crew of friends that is about much more than what we do as a company. We’ve all been friends for years and we all hold each other down in business and in life. We’re greater than the sum of our parts. 
To celebrate all that that night represented, and the journey, we proudly present the Bumpy Pitch Tavern tee. The inspiration is clearly taken from that St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also inspired by the idea of celebrating life with your folks. It’s a hectic world we all have to deal with, and sometimes you just gotta stop and enjoy the moment. Speaking of that night, here is a very small slice of what went down…

Inspired by the look of a pint of Guinness with their own BP twist this shirt is available for just a short time. Be the envy of all your drinking buddies and snag this one first and the call “dibs” on wearing it Saturday night.

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