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DrinkWear – Beer and Art: Round Three By Women United FC

The don't call it “the Beautiful Game” for nothing. Soccer is art. A great Lionel Messi goal or a stunning David Beckham free kick is a thing of beauty.

These small moments in soccer can create life-long fans of the sport (with the help of a beer or two, perhaps?) and the memories of such sporting excellence can hang in our memories like fine art in a gallery.

This is the premise behind the new “Futbol Artist Network” that launched this past weekend. Their idea is to highlight and express soccer through artistic expression.

The Free Beer Movement, through our “DrinkWear” series will be highlighting some of the cool combos of art and soccer that the FAN is coming out with…. and adding beer, of course. For each “piece” we'll pair a beer with the new FAN release… just don't spill on it.


This is a Special Edition Media Series T-Shirt in collaboration with Women United FC. WUFC had chosen the charity Street Soccer USA and will donate $5 from every shirt sold to their charity. The design is called “The Beautiful Game” by Southern California artist Ty Palmer.

In WUFC's words about their piece:

“From the grace of the athletes body as they move the ball up and down the field, in and out of players attempting to tackle and intercept, to the overwhelming joy when the ball finally goes into the net, to the agony and emotion of being defeated, to the sheer terror in our throats as we witness injury to a beloved player, our group exists because we love to be immersed in the sights and sounds of the stadium on game day. We view ourselves as soccer emissaries and our members as ambassadors. We are on a mission to spread the love for MLS soccer around the world for continuous growth and elevation of the game. Like many organizations, objects or people that you love, we do not always know why or even have logical reasons. We are just in love with the game, and all that implies.”

To pair with Women United and Street Soccer USA we've chosen New Glarus Brewing Company's “Black Top” India Pale Ale. According to the Brewers Association, New Glarus is the 19th largest craft brewing in the United States by sales and given that they only retail in Wisconsin, their brews are also highly sought after.

Street Soccer USA is all about empowering homeless individuals through the power of soccer. “We aim to get homeless men, women, and youth off the streets, “scoring goals on the field, and achieving their goals in life.” Across the U.S. SSUSA has leagues in 20 cities playing “the beautiful game” on the streets. New Glarus' “Black Top” pairs well for a game played on such a surface.

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Get “The Beautiful Game” by Women United FC, supporting Street Soccer USA, at the Futbol Artist Network.

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