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DrinkWear – Beer and Art: Round Four

The don't call it “the Beautiful Game” for nothing. Soccer is art. A great Lionel Messi goal or a stunning David Beckham free kick is a thing of beauty.

These small moments in soccer can create life-long fans of the sport (with the help of a beer or two, perhaps?) and the memories of such sporting excellence can hang in our memories like fine art in a gallery.

This is the premise behind the new “Futbol Artist Network” that launched this past weekend. Their idea is to highlight and express soccer through artistic expression.

The Free Beer Movement, through our “DrinkWear” series will be highlighting some of the cool combos of art and soccer that the FAN is coming out with…. and adding beer, of course. For each “piece” we'll pair a beer with the new FAN release… just don't spill on it.


This is a part of FAN's Player Series T-Shirt in collaboration with Taylor Twellman's For every shirt sold, $5 will go to Taylor's organization. The shirt art is by super New England Revolution fan and awesome tifo artist Prairie Rose Clayton.

In Prairie Rose Clayton's words:

Taylor helped me find my voice. I am here to repay the favor. Over the years, I have done a lot of material involving Taylor Twellman. I have turned him into Spongebob and Billy from the Family Circus. I have inscribed 100 stars with the dates of every league goal he scored up to 100. I have put him on banners and I have carved him on pumpkins.

But this is the first time I have put him on a shirt, and instead of drawing him to convey my message, I have drawn him to convey his.

The centerpiece–Think Now, Think Smart, Think Taylor–is the motto of his concussion awareness and prevention foundation. I have surrounded those lines with 72 others, all aspects an athlete might consider as they help themselves and others prevent head injuries. (The number of phrases is random; sadly, there was not enough room to match 101 lines for each of his career league goals). The words fill a silhouette of Taylor celebrating his goal against Houston at MLS Cup 2007. The orange, ThinkTaylor signature color, is the shade that highlights concussion damage on an MRI. By combining bold phrases with a bright shape, I hope to tell a little of Taylors story with style.


Our Beer Pairing:

Photo Credit: 365beers.

We've chosen Boston Beer Company's Samuel Adams “Boston” Lager. Twellman spent eight season with the New England Revoltion in Sam Adams' backyard; playing during the club's most successfull Major League Soccer tenure. Sam Adams' website describes their Boston Lager as such:

“Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an excellent example of the fundamentals of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex.”

The same could be said of Twellman's playing career. TT was a fundamentally strong and complex player with a unique set of attacking skills. Balanced in his attack he was both a threat in open play and incredibly dangerous in the air. Scoring over a century of goals in his time with the Revolution the St. Louis native found himself near or on top the MLS scoring charts for most of the mid-2000s, capturing both the Golden Boot and the league's MVP trophy in 2005.

Lastly, the Boston lager is brewed with noble hops and nothing is more noble that Twellman's cause to raise awareness about concussions in sports.

Get the new Taylor Twellman Players Series shirt from Futbol Artist Network for a limited time.

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