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D.C. United Players Just Want to Bang on the Drum All Day

Photo Credit: D.C. United

When most professional athletes (and European soccer players) can't suit up for a game they're usually seen living the good life up in a luxury suite with the owner and/or their wife/girlfriend, but not Major League Soccer players.

Photo Credit: D.C. United

If you want more evidence of why American soccer is so great look no further than scenes from last Saturday's D.C. United home match against the Seattle Sounders. Despite the 0-0 scoreline defender Brandon McDonald, who was suspended, and midfielder Andy Najar, who was sick, took the the supporters section to bang on the Barra Brava's drums alongside other supporters, the Screaming Eagles and La Norte.

Players joining the supporters during matches are nothing new at D.C. or even the rest of MLS. The most famous example of an “off-duty” MLSer is, of course, our main man Frankie Hejduk slamming beers with Columbus Crew fans before a match against Los Angeles he was suspended for.

American soccer might be getting bigger and bigger everyday, but the league players continue to be as humble as ever. Signing autographs forever after matches and at practices, showing up at local bars and restaurants and mingling with fans, even buying everyone in the room Chipotle.

This is American soccer and the closeness we, as fans, feel to our teams and players is one of the most vital parts of what makes our version of the sport, and it's authentic growth, so enjoyable.

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