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Better Know A Supporters Group – Texian Army

We continue our comprehensive coverage of American soccer culture with our series “Better Know a Supporters Group,” just like Steven Colbert’s “Better Know a District” from “The Colbert Report“. 

Our goal: to feature each of the MLS teams’ supporters groups. We’ve sent e-mails to each and every SG in Major League Soccer and soon you’ll be able to check all what each is all about and what awesomeness they have to contribute to our growing American soccer world.

When we devised this idea a while back it was cool to be able to see what each supporter group is about, but in light of the terrible, one-sided, anti-American, condescending profile of Philadelphia’s Sons of Ben SG by the British GQ (not even going to link to it to give them the site hits) we think its all the more important to give supporters groups in Major League Soccer the proper exposure and voice they deserve.

Today we feature one of Houston Dynamo’s largest supporters groups, the Texian Army.

As told to the Free Beer Movement by James Hromadka, a member of TA’s Board of Directors.

The Basics

SG Name: Texian Army

MLS Club: Houston Dynamo

Stadium: Robertson Stadium (New soccer-specific stadium currently under construction. Opening date: 2012)

Year SG Founded: 2006

Section Name (if other than SG name): North End

Any other SGs apart of your section? La Bateria, El Batallon, Brickwall Firm

Location of SG in Stadium (section #, side, direction): 214

The Meaty Questions

What are the origins of your groups’ name? 

The original name of the Dynamo was going to be “Houston 1836” after the year in which Houston, Texas was founded. However, 1836 was also the year that Texas won its independence from Mexico, and a big political stink was raised by county commissioner Sylvia Garcia. Since the team was going to need political help to get a stadium, they caved on the name and changed it. The Texian Army uses the same name as the Texas revolutionary army that fought and defeated Santa Anna during Texas’ fight for freedom. Even after 1836 was no more, the group decided to keep the name.

Favorite chants/songs?

“Oh Dynamo You Are My Love” and “Forza Houston” are our two most popular songs.

Why is being in the supporters section the “best seat in the house”? 

It’s where all the action is. Elsewhere in the stadium you’re just a fan. But being in the supporters’ section you feel as though you were part of something bigger, that your cheering “wills” the team to victory. And when your team does score, the section goes nuts.

Every soccer fan should spend one game with the supporters.

Brag. What makes your SG one of the best supporters groups in MLS?

Our tifo is top notch. We have a new banner for every opponent this year that’s a cartoon making fun of the opponent. We have come up with some good banners over the years. Next year at the new stadium is going to be exciting because it will be an opportunity to come up with all new banners for the occasion.

Our group also loves to travel. Texian Army members have amazing stories from seeing the Dynamo play at Pachuca and elsewhere. The annual trek to Frisco for the FC Dallas game is always fun because it is obvious that we are not wanted there. 

Greatest game(s) in team history?

It would be easy to say the very first game or the two MLS Cup championships, but there’s nothing l enjoy more than the games against FC Dallas. The first time we played them was a barnburner win, and one of the most exciting games ever was the home leg against them in 2007. There’s a lot of bad blood between the two teams and its fans alike. We don’t like each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Predictions for this season? 

The Dynamo get its only road win of the season in Frisco. Brad Davis finishes the season as the assists leader. The Dynamo don’t make the playoffs.

Why Major League Soccer? Why American soccer? 

Houston is our city. MLS is our league. If you truly enjoy soccer, why wouldn’t you want to watch soccer in your city? In your country? How can you be a fan of a team from a city (or country for that matter) that you’ve never been to? Plastic Man Utd and Chelsea fans are just as bad as plastic Red Sox and Yankees fans.

For more information and/or how to join the Texian Army go to their website.

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