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2013 MLS Beer-view: Seattle Sounders

By Kirsten Schlewitz / Staff Writer, SB Nation

Beer Selection: Two Beers Brewing Company “Heart of Darkness” Cascadian Dark Ale (Seattle, WA)

Seattle are about to venture down a treacherous, dark path: they must venture into this season without the aid of Fredy Montero, who has been with the Sounders since their MLS debut. Their first foray into this unknown world ended in frustration, with Eddie Johnson unable to finish and the Impact determined to hang for a 1-0 victory.

Seattle have created a decent midfield for 2013, but many are asking if that’s enough for a side used to playoffs and Open Cup finals. There’s no real replacement for Montero, and the defense will certainly miss Jeff Parke’s solidity. But with the majority of the media content to focus on Seattle’s supporters rather than its play, it’s possible the changes to the team may not even be noticed.

But even if Seattle fans might have less to cheer about this season, at least they can console themselves with some pretty great beers (although they’re going to have to cross the borders to find Pliny the Elder – Russian River is now refusing to distribute in Washington state).

One of the better offerings is Two Beers, whose cans and bottles are now making their way across state lines. Heart of Darkness CDA is the perfect beer for this Sounders season: with its malty, chocolate taste, you’re not really getting what you expected, although the finish leaves a nice hint of citrus hops that might keep you coming back for more.

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