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2013 MLS Beer-view: Colorado Rapids

By Kirsten Schlewitz / Staff Writer, SB Nation

Beer Selection: Left Hand Brewing Company “400 Pound Monkey” English-Style IPA (Longmont, CO)

Last summer, eleven new breweries opened in Colorado – if it’s not in the top three of your beer-cations, it most certainly should be. But if you’re not drinking inside the state, it’s rather difficult to get beers from the up-and-comers. So grab 400 Pound Monkey, a perennial offering from Left Hand, who celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year. This is a beer for those who are tired of the West Coast having control over the entire country. English-style IPAs say no to over-hopped, over-citrus, over-long bitter lingers. This beer focuses more on balance, using biscuity malts to counteract the herbal hops.

Just like the Colorado brewing scene, the Rapids have brought in new blood – and their focus this season is much younger, with the majority of the team clocking in around the 24 year mark. Oscar Pareja’s built a team that’s set to attack and, supporters hope, get themselves back into the playoffs. Alas, that attack meant little in the match against Dallas, when back-up ‘keeper Steward Ceus gifted a goal to Jackson in the 11th minute. The Rapids players looked gassed, out of ideas, by the end of the match.

Only time will tell if it was nerves or if Pareja’s expecting too much.

Tags: Beer, Major League Soccer, The Best of Both Worlds

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