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2013 MLS Beer-view: Chivas USA

By Jerry Jimenez / Black Army 1850 and American Beer Vigilantes

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Somehow that seemed like the best way to start this. OK, I should be original. Change, change, and more change. Whether it has come in abundance, or it has lacked, change has become a constant with this club. After the club fired Robin Frasier his sophomore season as head coach, Chivas USA finds itself on its eighth head coach in its eighth season, putting José Luis Sánchez Solá in the driver’s seat and twenty-seven players riding as passengers. No one is really sure if Sánchez Solá has some sort of map, but all of the faithful goat fans pray he isn’t using Google maps. That “short-cut” may lead him to crash this car into a wall and achieve a repeat of the 2012 season. (Don’t Drink and Drive)

The trip begins enthusiastically and hopeful with an undefeated preseason. Returning players, Miller Bolaños scored an impressive six goals in eight preseason games while Jose Correa scored five. Newcomers to the team, Eric Avila and Giovani Casillas also looked impressive during their time on the field. The Goats finished their preseason with a total of six wins and two ties. Not bad for a new group of kids attempting to mesh as a unit.

With an average age of twenty-four, Chivas USA has been thrown into the fountain of youth and completely refurbished with a few veterans and many newcomers to the league. Players like Joaquin Velazquez and Walter Vilchez will have to show the young ones that age is nothing but a number. Our captain, Dan Kennedy, has his work cut out for him once again and lets not forget about Juan Agudelo. I truly believe this team is one that knows it has something to prove. It has a whole lot to prove and it is set out to do just that. This definitely feels like a “make it or break it” year for the Goats. Only one thing is for sure, this season will be way more fun to watch than the last.

Beer Selection: Aztec Brewing Co. “Aztec Sacrifice” Red IPA (San Diego, CA)

A little Red for the Red and White! Comparing this beer to Chivas USA just seemed appropriate. I understand that most MLS fans don’t like my team. Yes, it feels like you haters want to “sacrifice” us to the soccer gods and rebrand, rebuild, relocate, blah, blah, and blah. I get it! It’s not easy being a Chivas USA supporter and only beer helps. You have to understand that, just like the Aztec Empire, we are not going anywhere…Oh, wait. Maybe that was a bad example.

Lets try that again and let’s talk cerveza; starting with the label, which reminds us of how our owner treats its fans, a dagger through the heart. This beer pours out hazy amber and settles into a deep ruby amber. I have to say the head on this thing is the best I have seen from any style of beer, ever; nice medium beige color to it. On the nose, we get quite of bit of hops and fruity tones. Some obvious malty aromas mixed in as well. It has some rich toffee, caramel, and roasted barley notes that get a bit of help from a well balanced bitterness. I’m an “IPA guy” and this is not too bitter, but bitter enough. One that will please the most experienced of craft beer drinkers but won’t push away newbies. At 7.6% ABV, this beer will sneak up on you and sit you back down on the bench unless you pair it up with some sort of grub. This is definitely how red ales are done on the west coast. If you can’t find this beer in Los Angeles, you may find it has “relocated” to San Diego. Cheers!

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