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2012 Free Beer Movement Major League Soccer All-Star Beer Team

The Major League Soccer All-Stars take on Chelsea tonight at 7:30pm CT from Philadelphia (TV: ESPN, ESPN Deportes, and The assembled eleven on the field will fight for American soccer's honor against the current Champions League champions (that's redundant…).

But what about the beer!? Said either a massive chorus of people or the tiny voice in our heads.

“Hey, you, you're going in… my belly!”

About halfway through 2012 American soccer fans chose their best representatives to face Europe's best. A mix of veterans, young stars, and fan favorites.

Veterans, young stars, and fan favorites… that's our 2012 Free Beer Movement All-Beer Team, too.

We've done our best Ben Olson impression and selected a squad of the best beers we've had in 2012.

There are, of course, dozens more beers in the wonderful world of American craft brewing that probably deserve to be on this list, but this is most certainly subjective list of our current palate and craft beer halfway through 2012. Additionally, our tasting is restricted to the beers we've been able to get in our distribution area (Texas) and where we've travelled this year (Midwest). An all-time list would probably look much different.

If there's beers you'd recommended to sit on the bench (for us to “select” later on), please don't hesitate to leave 'em in the comments section.


GK- Founder's Brewing Company “Kentucky Breakfast” Stout (Grand Rapids, MI)

A rare treat for the brewing world that more people should know about. This beer is stout in goal and on your taste buds. Player Pairing: Chivas USA's Dan Kennedy.

Left Back – Deschutes Brewing Company “Hop in the Dark” Cascadian Dark Ale (Bend, OR)

A great beer from a veteran brewery. This brewery has been around for a long-time and finally getting some great recognition for it's solid play day-in-and-day-out. A perfect representation of the great work coming out of the “Cascadia” region of the country. Player Pairing: San Jose Earthquakes' Ramiro Corrales.

Centerback – Nebraska Brewing Company “Melange A Trois” Belgian Style Ale (Omaha, NE)

From America's heartland is a relative newcomer to craft beer and the national stage. International flavor on an American team. Think of Nebraska Brewing Co. as a MLS-er making his first ASG appearance after a bang-up half-season. Player Pairing: Sporing KC's Aurelien Collin

“Off to the beer store. I'll be right back… well, center back, actually.”

Centerback – Bell's Brewery “Oberon” Summer Wheat Ale (Comstock, MI)

Light, but not to be taken lightly this beer is action packed with flavor and is an effective beer for all your summer drinking needs. Has had success on both the national and international beer scene. A truly inspiration tale of a small-town beer making it on the world's stage. Player Pairing: Vancouver Whitecaps' Jay DeMerit

Right Back – Victory Brewing Company “Baltic Thunder” Baltic Porter (Downington, PA)

Since the MLS All-Star Game is in Philly we had to include a local craft brewery for the fans. When put into the starting line up it'll be sure to get a huge ovation from the local crowd. Player Pairing: Philadelphia Union's Michael Farfan (Yes, he usually plays mid, but whatever)


Left Mid – Southern Tier Brewing Company “Eurotrash Pilz” Pilsner (Lakewood, NY)

There are better beers that come from this team (“Creme Brulee” stout comes to mind), but this European player still is one of the most recognizable of Southern Tier's players and gets the fans' vote despite a mediocre season. This pilsner can serve up a lot and occasionally come up with a little bit of magic on your palate. Player Pairing: Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham

Holding Mid – Russian River Brewing Company “Pliny the Elder” Double IPA (Santa Rosa, CA)

A wily veteran of the all-star beer squad, “Pliny the Elder” brings loads of experience to the team. Chosen year after year as one of the nation's best beers Pliny has been (bottle) capped both domestically and abroad for its brewing prowess. A double IPA that is going to break up any tasting it partakes in. Once in possession of your taste buds it's the perfect beer to finish strong pushing forward. Certainly takes over any match it plays in. Player Pairing: Real Salt Lake's Kyle Beckerman

Attacking Mid – Dogfish Craft Brewery/ Victory Brewing Company/ Stone Brewing Company “Saison du BUFF” Herbed Saison (Milton, DE/ Downington, PA/ Escondido, CA)

Like Barcelona's tika-tacka triangle touches, this beer comes in threes. A collaboration brew from three of the best know craft breweries in the United States; there is real star power controlling this team's midfield. Always moving forward and playing off each other… it's been quite the season for this saison. Another all-star beer selection from the fans bodes well for this attacking mid. Player Pairing: Los Angeles Galaxy's Landon Donovan

“It'd be awesome if one of these mics was a beer instead.” Photo Credit: D.C. United

Right Mid – Unibroue “La Fin du Monde” Tripel-Style Golden Ale (Chambly, Quebec, Canada)

Much like the MLS All-Star team there's a token Canadian on the field, but, really he's no token. He plays on the out, making cutting inside runs. Smooth and silky elegance to keep possession yet spicy enough to get a winner. Player Pairing: D.C. United's Dwyane DeRosario

Forward – Tallgrass Brewing Company “Oasis” Double ESB (Manhattan, KS)

A great beer from a brewery far from the media limelight (but doing good things) of the rest of the mainstream beer world comes our target forward of the 4-4-2. A local hit for a lower-profile team that struggles on the national stage. A full pint, loads of hops, and 7.2% ABV in this canned craft beer makes him a heavy hitter. Probably only good for one, but it'll be worth it. Player Pairing: San Jose Earthquakes' Chris Wondolowski

Forward – Alaskan Brewing Company “Raspberry Wheat” (Juneau, AK)

Like PB&J, sugar and spice or leather and lace our other beer up top is the complete opposite of his strike partner. Light and quick this wheat beer will breeze past you. If you think this beer, with a hint of fruit taste, is just fluff then don't be surprised when you're picking the ball out of the back of net or asking the bartender for another bottle. Player Pairing: D.C. United's Chris Pontius

If there's beers you'd recommended to sit on the bench (for us to “select” later on), please don't hesitate to leave 'em in the comments section.

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