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2012 FBM Person of the Year

Here we are on the edge of 2013. The final stage of World Cup Qualifying on the horizon, a post-David Beckham Major League Soccer, and what is sure to be another explosive year for craft beer. So much to look forward to.

How about one, quick look back at 2012? U.S. Soccer chose their male and female athletes of the year, MLS has run down their top stories, A Football Report published their “Best Writing of 2012” (which we're proud to have been named to!), and every beer writer under the sun has released their “best beers” lists (although not us… maybe…).

Who, then, personifies the Free Beer Movement? Who has worked tirelessly in 2012 to further American soccer through the power of beer?

Frankie Hejduk, of course.

In April of 2012 the two-time MLS Cup winner and former U.S National Team member announced his retirement from professional soccer. A career full of beer and American soccer related greatness to last for ages: from taking a slap to the head from a Mexican assistant coach, slamming beers with Columbus supporters before a match, tallying goals and making timely tackles for both club and country. 

No sooner had Frankie left the game did he enter the belly of the beast again. His retirement announcement was just a precursor to joining his old club, the Columbus Crew as their “brand ambassador”, helping to build American soccer from the front office instead on the field. True to form, Hejduk toasted his new job and drank a Guinness from the podium.

Frankie helped build American soccer in Columbus, but his calling was always higher. We made the case immediately following his appointment that his true destiny lie with us at FBM

Hejduk was a guest on a Philadelphia radio soccer show where, asked (cornered?) by host Richard McGovern, Frankie declared his allegiance to FBM.

Our courtship continued and we sent Hejduk a little FBM care package (sans actual beer, unfortunately). Hejduk was gracious of the efforts.


For 2013, hopefully, Crew Stadium hosts one of the Hexagonal matches and FBM can travel and allign our forces personally (rather than digitally) to use the power of the brew to build American soccer further. Truly his efforts are worthy of a lifetime achievement award, but, for now, he'll have to settle for this modest accomplishment.

Raise a pint for our 2012 “FBM Person of the Year” Frankie Hejduk!


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