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Friday, October 30, 2009

Who We’re Buying a Beer For…

This Free Beer Movement thingy is all about spreading the love of soccer through free beer so it would be a damn shame if we didn’t shower a bit of it on the people who make the sport (and the world around the sport) so great.

Introducing a new feature on the FBM site, “Who we’re buying a beer for”. Where, if we (or anyone of our “free beer movers” ever run into them, we required (by FBM by-laws) to offer up some brewskis, on the FBM tab, for their contributions to American soccer.

#1 Brad Guzan

Gave USMNT and Aston Villa fans something to look forward to after, respectively, Tim Howard and Brad Friedal hang up the mits. He had a MONSTER performance this week in the Carling Cup saving 1 PK in regulation and 3 in the shootout. The 25-year old America has a bright future and continues to put USA on the map (just in case you had a hard time finding it) for quality goalkeeping.

Hat Tip to The Shin Guardian (we don’t think we promo this site enough!) for the clip.

#2 Hope Solo

Another American goalkeeper, but this one of the female variety. The USWNT defeated Germany 1-0 in a battle between Nos. 1 and 2 in the women’s soccer world. How did our intrepid netminder celebrate this win? With a beer of course!

“real heffweizen after a hard earned victory. not sure how much better life could be!”

A good win, another great boost for the USWNT, and a great ending!

#3 Nick Sindt

Our buddy who runs the blog, Snorting the Endline, was inducted into the Jimmy Conrad Wing of the Comment Hall of Fame over at The Shin Guardian (there they are again!) for his hilarious insights into ESPN programming.

“Want even further proof of ESPN’s hatred of the beautiful game. Back in 2006 (I think) Arsenal and AC Milan were squaring off in the Champion’s League Semi-Finals, second leg. ESPN2 had shown the Barcelona match the day before, but on Wednesday what did my Comcast tell me was going to be shown on ESPN2 instead of the match? Jump Roping. That is correct, a competition where people jump over ropes swung by others. So, I set my VCR anyway, praying that Comcast was just not updated and the match would be televised. What did my wondering eyes behold when I rewound the tape? Jump Roping!!! Effing Jump Roping!!!!! I almost went completely mental. Later that day I called and dished out an extra $5 a month for ESPN Deportes.”
Keep up the good work, Nick.

#4 Jozy Altidore

The kid needs a beer (he’s old enough if its bought in England, right?) after getting shelved by Hull City manager Phil Brown. The 19-year old future-of-American-soccer/man child overslept and missed warm ups for last weekend’s English Premier League game.

To add insult to injury he Tweeted about missing it and was fined an undisclosed amount of money for talking about team business.

Have a beer on us, Jozy. Just as long as its not the night before a game.

#5 Bill Archer

Love him or hate him, his diatribes on Big Soccer are interesting and he served up a nice tongue-and-cheek slap to the EPL vs MLS/ promo/releg vs. playoffs battle that goes on in the American soccer discussion word with his latest column.

“Boy, I can’t wait until Major League Soccer, the United States of Americas’ First Division Professional Soccer League, comes to it’s senses and dumps this stupid playoff format and finally creates a slavish copy of the vastly superior European (read: English Premier League) single table, winner take all, regular-season-is-all-that-matters setup so that we can have a little excitement at the end of the year.

All these boring, nothing-at-stake, drama-free MLS matches over the last few weeks are really putting us all to sleep. Boooooooore-ing. Wake me when it’s over.

Because there’s just nothing better than the last month or two of the EPL season when all those middle-of-the-table teams play all those breathlessly exciting games dripping with consequences as the fans are unable to sleep at night wondering whether their local club will finish 11th or 12th.

Meanwhile, the teams who somehow managed to get promoted at the end of the previous season and who haven’t won a match since January add to the edge-of-your-seat drama as the punters furiously debate whether Wolves or QPR or EastMiltonFromminghamptonshire will finish 15 points south of the relegation line or only 12.

Because, as we’re constantly reminded, that is where the real end-of-season excitement that we’re all missing over here in the colonies is located: seeing which really crappy team can manage to somehow gain the right to remain for one more year in a league they cannot possibly hope to be competitive in.

Really grippping stuff.”
The point being that the Major League Soccer playoffs are hopelessly American and we’re totally fine with that notion. As one commenter said on Archer’s post:

“isn’t that why the pilgrims came over, to escape the promotion/relegation system? i thought that was what thanksgiving was about….”
While MLS fans (us included) will acknowledge that the playoff system is not perfect, it certainly is apart of American (and many other soccer league around the world) sports. Love it or leave we say.

Grab a beer and put it on our tab.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Free Beer Match Day Four: The Movement in DC Edition

You’ve seen our fan and game photos from DC, now check out our efforts on the FBM front as well! The whole day was a great success as passed out a ton of our Free Beer Movement bumper stickers to soccer fans old and new. Just in the days after the match we’ve had bunches of visitors, new Twitter followers, and fans on Facebook so our idea is catching on!

The FBM rendezvoused with their four guests at the pre-game tailgate and the party was on!

Leadership Summit: FBM Prez Dan and American Outlaws President and Founder Korey Donahoo.

The ever-popular “Hand of Justice”.

FBM guest Michael helping himself to the beer. EIGHT (count ’em!) different beers!

This group was DEFINITELY following the Free Beer Movement. Not only we’re they taking down the suds, they brought a soccer newbie to the game. I ran into her later at the game in the FRONT ROW. That’s a great first soccer memory.

Hey, where ever you want to sport it! (Now we’re just running into the stickers everywhere!)

Although I wouldn’t recommend it straight to the skin.

The FBM stickers were popping up everywhere at the post-game party at Molly Malone’s.

We FINALLY got Frankie!!!!! We’ll at least a fan of Frankie.

Guy with a sticker, Michael with (yet another) beer. Cheers to both!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo Essay: USA v. Costa Rica in DC

We decided to separate our trip photos into two essay because they’re just so many great pics from DC. The first one is all about the game and the fans and our next essay will be more FBM-centric. I was sitting right in the trenches of the American Outlaws and Sam’s Army at midfield. I even made it all they way up to the front row after half time. What a night!

As Borat would say, “Great success”!

LD banner on RFK. Wondering if I can get that to put on my house when their done with it?

“When the American Outlaws go marching in!

More general AO chaos.

Costa Rican fans taunt us with tongs and grill covers. Scary. We respond with “America? Fuck yeah! Costa Rica? Fuck you!”

Face of a soccer warrior.

I’m not going to ask how he got all those beads.

Estadio RFK.

” Oh, say can you see….”

Michael Bradley controlling possession.

9th minute tribute to Charlie Davies.

Leading the cheering charge.

Down 0-2 at half. The situation looks dire.


LD waiting to make a difference.

Show ’em how you REALLY feel!


Timmy! Tossing the jersey into the stands.

National pride.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On The Verge of Greatness… Free Beer Match Day Four: US National Team Edition


Dunno, if this place is ready for us.

The Free Beer Movement is off to our nation’s capital (Washington DC if you forgot) to attend the US Men’s National Soccer team’s final World Cup qualifying game against Costa Rica. While the boys in the red, white, and blue booked their ticket to South Africa last Saturday there’s all to play for still tomorrow night at RFK Stadium.

For the US its bragging rights, the Americans want to finish at the top of the CONCACAF standing for the second straight time and continue to prove they are still top dog in the region. Costa Rica is still fighting for their spot in next year’s global competition. A win will see them punch their ticket where a loss, combined with a Honduras win will see them make the long trip to face South American opposition for the last spot in the Cup.

As per our mission statement, we’re dragging along some soccer newbies to share our love of the sport and the suds. This will be the FBM’s first Nats game in a few years so there’s no need to get us up for the game, but for a few it will be their first chance to see our boys (and hopefully, Frankie Hejduk!).

We’ll be partying it up with soccer fans and newbies alike, along with the Nats supporter group, The American Outlaws. Check out all of there info on their site about where the pre-game, during game, and post-game bashes will take place.

Follow us on Twitter and/or join our Facebook group and follow all the action!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Frankie Hejduk Continues to Lead as the “Free Beer Captain”

In what is old news (remember.. we told you we’re not a “news” site), the United States National Soccer Team clinched a berth to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with their stunning 3-2 victory over Honduras in San Pedro Sula (run-on sentence there!).

Here’s a team picture of the guys celebrating that momentous event. Smiles all around, of course, but pay particular attention to one Mr. Frankie Hejduk.

Yes, on the right. Hanging over Landon.

My, my… what’s that in his hand? But of course! A beer. Anybody else enjoying the suds? Maybe, but who else, but the “Free Beer Captain” would carry the bottle into the team picture!

He’s clearly in top shape to assume his role as our Free Beer Spokesperson.

Sign the petition!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo Essay: Free Beer Match Day Three – FBM at Fado’s

The Free Beer Movement hosted their third “Free Beer Match Day” at Fado’s Irish Pub in Austin, Texas for the US National Team World Cup Qualifier against Honduras. As we all know already the “red, white, and blue” pulled out a win in dramatic fashion (road wins are hard to come by in qualifying).

FBM Prez Dan was in attendance with several guests of the Movement as we showered beers (and a few shots) on all-comers. It was great to see so many soccer fans showing the newbies the ropes.

Last night was also the debut of the FBM bumpers stickers. We passed out our whole allotment!

It was the perfect night to show off all that is great about American soccer.

Now check out our photos:

FBM Prez Dan and wife plot their gametime strategy.

Welcome to ‘ground zero’ for US soccer fandom and the Free Beer Movement in Austin, TX.

Packed house inside and out on a chilly Texas night.

The Honduran contingent.

The more excitable part of the contingent.

Nervous moments for US fans during the scoreless first half.

Random, but cool shot of the Frost Bank Tower.

It most certainly was.

FBM guests Nic, and Anna share a good laugh.

Look closely. See it? GOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! Landon Donovan!

Celebration ensues!

Dan is in on it, too.

A smoke between free beers.

A good laugh.

Have a FREE bumper sticker, boys.

Slap that on your car, laptop, guitar, ass… whatever you want man.

Empty Glass. Full Night.