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The Best of Both Worlds - KC’s Supporters Groups Built a Beer-Rainbow for a St. Patrick’s Day

When soccer and beer collide... that's the best of both worlds. This space reserved for any intersection of the suds and the sport whether business, beer and soccer events, or random humor. 
Saint Patrick's Day is always a bit of a haul for Americans as we over-indulge on unnecessary things like green beer and Jameson when we'd never think of doing such regularly. For several Major League Soccer teams it was their 2012 home opener as well.
Normally you'd think that this was a all-hands-on-deck sort of situation for the folks in Kansas City and their  supporters group "the Caudron"; getting TIFO, tailgates, and tickets all straightened out. But throw in a St. Patrick's Day parade and that's when a few flags and the like will do.
Or you could build a float that resembles a beer-rainbow. We're sure there's plenty of time for that...
Oh wait there is?

Makes us thirsty just looking at it.

Mmmmmm.... beer....

Local TV coverage of the float and KC's supporters:

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