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From the FBM Headline Writing Department….. Major League Soccer - Week 8

Those poor Major League Soccer headline writers... They've always got to keep things vanilla. "Blah, Blah Blah Saves The Day" or "_________ Team Wins Again"


Good think we're our own bosses at the FBM and aren't encumbered by rules, basic grammar, journalism degrees or Associated Press Style Guides.

All this weekend's games.... with the FBM's headline writting department putting their polish on them. (Click on each link for MLS' perfectly acceptable headlines, game wraps, and full match highlights)

Lincoln Mentioned the Rapids at Gettysburg

New York Red Bulls 1 - New England Revolution 0: "O Henry! Grabs a Goal, Injury in #RBNY Win"

San Jose Earthquakes 2 - Philadelphia Union 1: "Earthquakes Tear Union Apart, Reconstruction Coming" OR "Lenhart Gets Head..... Twice in One Night"

D.C. United 3 - Houston Dynamo 2: "Santos' Scores Saves Streak, Beats Bruin" (ps... we like aliteration)

Vancouver Whitecaps 1 - Columbus Crew 0: "Vancouver Got It Cou-vered in 1-0 Clean Up of Crew"

Seattle Sounders 2 - Chicago Fire 1: "Grown Ass Man Stands Tall in Sounders Win"

Real Salt Lake 3 - Toronto FC 2: "Steel-e Resolve From RSL" OR "Terrtible Toronto Taps Out Late"

Colorado Rapids 4 - Chivas USA 0: "Four Score and Rapids 'Address' Scoring Woes"

Los Angeles Galaxy 1 - FC Dallas 1: "Noonan! Make it, Noonan! NNNNNNooooonan!"

Got any of your own? Leave 'em in the comments section.

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